One of my favorite gifts when I got married was a set of informal personalized papers. I loved seeing my new name in print!

A lifelong crafter, graduate in advertising art direction, and relatively new computer nerd, I had already begun dabbling in printing my own invitations here and there, playing with fonts on classroom projects, and doodling images. So when I ran out, it was natural that I made new designs for myself, with my own take on color, text, and style.

Two years later, a baby girl was born and I wanted to see her name in print too. Along the way, my friends were getting married and having babies along with me – what better gift than something like the ones I loved so much myself?

The baby girl got older and another came along. We celebrated with birth announcements and themed birthday parties that needed the perfect invitations, creative ideas, and fun paper pretties. And, of course, stationery and notes with all of our names on them!

My attention to detail and flair for fun led to friends asking if I could do it all for them too. And soon “confetti by lexi” came to be. As my hobbies and interests evolve, they are reflected as well. Stamp sets for fellow crafters, mini magazines for blythe, photography prints and cards – even I don’t know what I’ll come up with next!

I live in New Orleans with my husband and two beautiful (grown) girls, who love to create with me from time to time. In addition to my design work, I am a technology, reading group and maker space teacher at a local school where I have taught in some capacity for as long as I’ve been in the workforce.

life’s a party and every party could use a little confetti!

🙂 lexi